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Holly Mcguire born in Orsett, Essex, England 23rd April 1978.
Emigrated to Australia with her family when she was 2 yrs old and grew up in Perth, Western Australia.
She came back to the UK to live permanently in 1991, and attended Grays Convent High School.
On Leaving School she attended Art College before accepting a place at Middlesex University to study Fashion Design here and Milan, Italy.

Holly's career as a model began back in 1998, she was scouted by Samantha Bond Model Agency whilst modelling her own designs on the catwalk at her own Fashion Show at London Graduate Fashion Week.
With her Ba Hons Degree in Fashion Design and her own Clubwear/Lingerie/Swimwear label, Holly decided to take the agency up on their kind offer and her plan was to just model for a year to repay her student loan...18years on here she is!!!

After more than 10 years gracing the pages of Page 3 as a household pinup for our famous British Tabloids The Sun & The Star and Glossy Lads Mags such as:
Fhm, GQ, Loaded, Maxim, Front, Later, Ice, Nuts, Zoo, Max Power, Fast Car, Redline,M8, IDJ, Muzik, Smash Hits, More, TV Quick, Radio & TV Times,Hello, Ok, Heat, Closer, Womans Own, PC Format, X-Net, Lads Mag, The People

Holly has also been extremely Newsworthy during her 18 year career and appeared in many newspapers for her trials and tribulations, as well as her relationships in the public eye ;-)

Besides being known for her page 3 and Glamour modelling Holly has landed quite a few BIG advertising campaigns...
Pretty Polly, Talk Radio (Bill board), Twiglets (Billboard), Boots, Guiness, Ben Sherman, Sony, Virgin, Empire, EA Sports, Car Phone Warehouse, Pot Noodle, Kitkat, Fosters, Avon... to name but a few.
As well as becoming a "Jordan Girl" for Eddie JOrdans F1 formula 1 racing team, and was lucky enough to travel the world in Grand Prix.

Holly also a singer/songwrite girlband Tantalize was signed to Universal for 3 years to a 10 album deal, and got to no. 3 in the MTV Box charts.

When the band split in 2006, Holly hit the headlines again when she took part in a reality tv show called "The Ulimate Playboy" for Sky One and lived in a villa in South of France with housemates, with super model Jodie Kidd.

Once out the house and back home in Essex, England she then went onto pursue her acting career and landed the part of "Keeley" on ITV1 Footballers Wives.

More recently Holly mostly works as a Tv presenter for Sky Sports and The Betting Channel and a Daytime presenter for various "Babe" channels such as Babe Station, The Pad, The Office, Angels Tv, Red Light Central Tv, Playboy Tv, Sin Tv.

Currently besides webcam, Holly works in Events organising, bringing Glamour Models and Fans together at shows all over UK.
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Last Login: Wed, 3 Apr 2019
Country: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Body: Curvy / Hourglass
Ethnicity: White British
Weight: 55kg (121 lbs)
Height: 166cm (5'5")
Hair Length: Long
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Orientation: Bisexual

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shagmeister78 15 July in 12:03

Please dont go offline yet bought some creds and waitin for pvt xxx

azhar 15 July in 11:31

Hi holly how are u darling u look so sexy in those outfit u wear and your figure

martyn 15 July in 11:11

absolutely gorgeous mwah xxxxxxxxxxxx

bigrob 14 July in 16:12

Hi Holly when you come back i will be waiting for you in free chat just so i can say hello hope all is going well love you lots xxx

jakey52 14 July in 07:41

Holly loving having you talk to me and excite me, thanks for the follow i said made my year x

bigrob 13 July in 16:40

Holly i love you but you know that and i think world of you xx

Glennsbuzzin 13 July in 15:40

nite holly thanx 4 b 4 Glenn xx alias (Holly Mcguire your on fire) hope uv had gud day speak soon xxx

Rodders 13 July in 14:18

Holly is one in a billion, a true angel :)

DangerousBri 13 July in 12:19

Holly is the best around, best in the world, best in the universe.

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